»You are the sea / and I am the beach«

„Cultural history and geology, personal memories and shared hikes flow together to tell an inspiring beach story and to talk about the mother of all beaches, the sea.“

BÜCHER magazin

Karsten Reise & Hella Kemper

European Essays on Nature and Landscape
Hardcover, 144 pages, 14.3 x 21 cm, with some four-color illustrations, 20,00 € (D)
ISBN 978-3-96194-205-3
WG 1 981

Published May 2023

Marine researcher Karsten Reise has long been a resident of Sylt, while journalist Hella Kemper lives in Hamburg. Both are swimmers, in fact almost daily. Every day they encounter the BEACH. They write about green beaches, where dunes are born. About glowing beaches. And about how the sand gets on the beach. About the sand mafia. Dream beaches and nightmare beaches. About the encounter of water and land.

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