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Landscapes and habitats are the major theme of this edition. Again and again, cross-connections are made, forming a theme that goes beyond the individual landscape – after all, they exist on a common, earth-historical ground. The EUROPEAN ESSAYS ON NATURE AND LANDSCAPE are not natural history books but deal with our present habitats in a variety of ways. It is exciting to follow how past and present interpenetrate and condition each other, and how they predetermine the near future.

We are delighted with the great response from authors, retailers and the media. We thank you for your many suggestions! New topics are constantly being suggested and will be realized in the future. We also gladly accept suggestions from readers: kontakt@europeanessays.eu.

The goal of the edition is the creation of a European library of landscapes and natural phenomena – in spring 2024, for the first time, a translation from Swedish will be in our program and will simultaneously be published in Sweden. We will expand and continue these collaborations. We follow landscapes and their transgressive nature.

In this sense,
with best regards
Klaas Jarchow

Verleger und Herausgeber der Edition Klaas Jarchow und Autor Karsten Reise auf Sylt
Klaas Jarchow, publisher and editor of the edition, and author Karsten Reise on Sylt © KJM Dennis Williamson
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