Rim Sea

»Sometimes the marginal sea of the Atlantic, sometimes dry tundra. Sometimes sea and sometimes land«

„In diesem erhellenden “Essay on Nature and Landscape” schließt Kanter teils kuriose Wissenslücken und öffnet Augen für die Probleme der zunehmenden Industrialisierung des früher wilden Meeres am Rande des Atlantischen Ozeans. Auch wer glaubt, alles über die Nordsee zu wissen, wird hier Neues erfahren.“   

NDR HF Kultur

Olaf Kanter

European Essays on Nature and Landscape
Hardcover, approx. 144 pages, 14.3 x 21 cm, with photographs, maps and other illustrations, 20,00 € (D)
ISBN 978-3-96194-222-0
WG 1 981

Published November 2023

Anyone looking out over the North Sea from Helgoland would not think that it was once not there. But ten thousand years ago, you could walk from here to England. The sea was 100 meters deeper than today. Olaf Kanter reports on the landscapes that sank. 8400 years ago, a tsunami flooded the settlement of Doggerland, and the water continued to rise. Today it stands 13 meters high above what was once inhabited. The story of a sea and its landscapes.

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