Under trees

»The old apple tree dares / Heart, dare it too«

Theodor Fontane
“Like an educational, fun walk in the woods with knowledgeable friends.”
Naturwald Akademie

Helmut Schreier

European Essays on Nature and Landscape
Hardcover, 144 pages, 14.3 x 21 cm, with some four-color illustrations, 20,00 € (D)
ISBN 978-3-96194-204-6
WG 1 981

Published March 2023

Natural philosopher Helmut Schreier has lived in the Wendland region near the Elbe for 15 years. For UNTER BÄUMEN he went to the nearby forests of his area. UNTER BÄUMEN means our presence under their crowns, it describes what happens under the trees in the soil and talks about the earth-spanning community of living beings. The middle Elbe Wendland as a place of the “world wide wood”. A fascinating perspective on observing the landscape.

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