European Landscapes

On 4 March 2024, editor Harff-Peter Schönherr published an article about the EUROPEAN ESSAYS ON NATURE AND LANDSCAPE in taz nord, focusing in particular on the book STRAND by Karsten Reise and Hella Kemper. He writes: “Anyone who picks up several essays will sense that their themes intertwine – just like the landscapes they deal with. Each new volume completes a symbiosis that shows the value of crossing boundaries – and thus of what we have in common.”

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The man who wants to climb all the hills of Lusatia

The Sächsische Zeitung newspaper spoke to Thomas Kunadt, author of HÜGELLAND, about his book and his passion for the landscape and hiking. Editor Christine Wittig-Tausch writes about the book: “The hills not only offer refuge for thoughtful souls thirsting for beauty and tranquillity. They provide an insight into the eventful history of the earth, which took place over millions of years. Coronavirus, wars and current debates play no role in Kunadt’s book. All of this seems as distant and fleeting as the blink of an eye when you read how the masses of ice approaching from the north have shaped the land and continue to do so.”

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